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Homework Policy

Homework Defined
Life Christian Academy defines homework as a purposeful, independent activity to be accomplished outside of the school day without teacher or parent assistance. Homework provides practice of new material presented in class, time to apply knowledge or skills, review for tests, prepare for the next day’s instruction, or time to complete projects.

Time Management
A student’s overall effective time management during class time or advisory* will contribute to the amount of homework they will have after school hours. Our expectation is that students learn to manage their time wisely taking advantage of the opportunities given to complete work in school.

*Advisory normally meets for 30 minutes, 4 times per week for a total of 2 hours per week. This is a time for students to complete homework or go to a teacher for help in a specific subject.

Amount of Homework
Middle School and High School students can expect to receive approximately 10 times their grade level in homework each day. Some classes will require more time spent on homework, while other classes will require less. The total amount of homework per day should not exceed 10 times a student's grade level. A weekend is considered as one day when determining the maximum amount of homework to be assigned, however homework over the weekend is discouraged.

6th Grade: 60 minutes total per day
7th Grade: 70 minutes total per day

8th Grade: 80 minutes total per day

9th Grade: 90 minutes total per day

10th Grade: 100 minutes total per day

11th Grade: 110 minutes total per day

12th Grade: 120 minutes total per day

Should a student regularly be given more than this maximum allocation, the parent should contact the teacher who has assigned the bulk of the homework and discuss the reason for having such a volume of homework. The reason may be related to a lack of productivity by the student in class and this conversation opens important dialogue between the teacher and parent.
Student homework should not detract from a student’s involvement in extra curricular or church activities.

Homework Assignments
In all cases regarding homework, teachers will provide clear expectations and guidelines and will check for understanding before assigning homework. Teachers will also provide prompt feedback to students regarding their homework in order to ensure understanding and provide remediation if necessary (either during class time, in advisory, or after school). Some courses, due to their content and structure (i.e. Foreign Languages, Math, etc.), will require homework daily.

Student Expectations
Students are expected to take an active role in the completion of their homework and communicate with the teacher when struggling. Several ways to communicate with the teacher include email or direct conversation before or after school, during advisory, or during class. Effective time management of homework results in work being turned in on time. Students may not have allocated homework on some days. In this instance, students are expected to show initiative and be involved in self-directed learning through study, independent research, or revision.

Late Work
If a student is unable to turn work in by the expected due date, they are to discuss their circumstances with their teacher. If possible, this discussion should take place before the due date. Teachers are responsible for communicating with students who have not turned in work. Each teacher will engage with students through direct conversations, additional explanations, etc. in order to facilitate completion of the work in a timely manner. Teachers may give reduced credit for late work.

How Can Parents Help?

• By providing space and time for homework to be completed. Parents can support homework by providing an environment that is conducive to study. Creating time in the family schedule for completing homework may also be beneficial.

• By holding students accountable for completing homework each day (which the student should be able to complete independently).

• Should a student be unable to complete homework in the allotted time or without assistance, parents should contact the relevant teacher to organize for the necessary accommodations and support to be given where practical and beneficial to the student.

AP Course Homework
AP classes are college level courses and are designed to prepare students for the AP College Board exams in the spring. An increased volume and difficulty of homework in these specific classes will be necessary to prepare for these exams. A student who is accepted into an AP class acknowledges the extra work required (both in and out of class) by enrolling in these demanding courses. The expected daily homework for an AP class is one hour.

Pre-arranged Absences
For pre-arranged absences such as athletic events, concerts, medical/dental appointments, etc. it is the student’s responsibility to obtain all assignments prior to the absence. All work must be turned in by the normal assignment due date unless otherwise indicated by the instructor. When a student misses class due to an excused absence, he/she has one day* to make up the missed work for each day absent.

*When an absence is longer than seven days, there is a cap of seven school days to make up the missed work for this time. In some instances, the teacher may need to apply a professional judgment about what homework can be excused and prioritize the work to be completed.

Unfinished class work or work missed due to absences, although accomplished outside of the school day, is not included in the school’s definition of homework.

There will be no assignments to be completed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring breaks. (AP/Honors classes are the exception).

When a student is absent, please take the following steps, in order, regarding make-up assignments:

1. Check the teacher pages of the Life Christian Academy website.

2. Contact the teachers via email: [first initial][last name]@life-christian.org (example: enest@life-christian.org)

3. Call the teachers’ voicemail: 253.756.2190

4. Contact fellow students

Extended Absence
In the event of an extended absence of three or more days, a request may be made to the office staff requesting homework. For planned absences, requests should be made seven days prior to the first day of absence to ensure assignment availability the day before leaving. For unforeseen absences, requests should be made between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. at the Upper School Office. This work may be collected from the Upper School Office by 3.30 p.m. that afternoon. It may be necessary to request additional work from the teachers during an extended absence, as it may not be possible to provide all work in advance in some instances. A parent may access their child’s locker during school hours in order to obtain any necessary textbooks, notebooks, or other materials their child may need in order to complete assignments at home. Parents need to check in at the Upper School Office before proceeding to their child’s locker.