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These are just some of the things that our families are saying about LCA. We are blessed by your kind words.

“LCA has been such a positive experience for both Emily and Andrew. We could not be happier to have moved them over to LCA.”

“My daughter who is at UW has been able to draw from all her previous Bible classes and defend her faith in class and in her papers. She has done it with love and confidence because she was equipped at LCA to face opposition to her faith. She has been able to do it with great joy and love, not in a spirit of fear. She feels like she was well prepared at LCA. It energizes her faith to live it out in a public university. “

“We absolutely LOVE LCA. It has been a life saver for my son who has hated school since first grade. Since attending LCA he has gone from being 2 grades behind in math to being grade level within 3 months. They really care about teaching and each kid. We could NOT be happier.”

“We cannot say enough about the educators, staff, families, and the community LCA provides. Thank you for incredible education, fellowship, friendship, and guidance for our kids.”

"Six of our grandchildren have graduated from LCA. The success of their college years is a testimony to the solid foundation they received at LCA both academically and spiritually." 

"I am a parent of another high school's boys' basketball player. Unfortunately our team is not very good at all. We are young and lacking basketball talent. I've had the opportunity to coach boys and girls AAU Teams for many years. Unfortunately competitive AAU play brings out a lot of poor sportsmanship from players and coaches. I just wanted to say that your coaches represented your school very well by not running up the score on our team. Many coaches would have pressed our team for a majority of the game in order to pad their team's and player's stats. Your coaches showed a lot of class by taking the press off and using their bench players liberally. In addition, your players didn't disrespect our players with any sort of taunting or show boating. They should be proud in how they handled themselves playing a much inferior team."

"We recognize the value of the education our children are receiving at LCA. During the COVID school year, LCA and staff were a light and constant to our family. Our kids thrived spiritually during a stressful time.  Their education continued and they were able to grow and develop even as many of our peers were experiencing unprecedented setbacks."

"We set up a tour, and from the moment I walked in the door I knew this is where my child needed to be. He has matured into an amazing young man of God. I could go on and on about how LCA has changed both of our lives."

"I would love more than anything to keep my child at LCA where they can be surrounded by faith filled men and women who will lift him up and give him the opportunity to excel in his education. It is critical to his spiritual development, education and future that he stays at LCA."  

"I have so much gratitude to express to LCA and staff. Knowing that my child is so well cared for and loved while receiving a stellar education means the world to me, and in a faith based Christian environment gives me such peace of mind. I know my child is growing to be a kind and loving person with guidance to make smart decisions. She has formed so many relationships and attachment to LCA and feels so happy and safe everyday. It is my goal to keep LCA as her second home."

"We have had such a wonderful 1st year at LCA. Both are kids are thriving academically and are engaging in their Bible classes."

"We moved to LCA this year due to Covid, but it has truly been a blessing to us in so many ways. My child was struggling significantly with his mental health and schoolwork and has since been thriving in school. Made the honor roll, joined the basketball team, made several new friends and has truly found a wonderful support system in the staff and students."