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Head of School's Welcome

Welcome to Life Christian Academy! We are an exceptional college preparatory school that helps every student excel and a place determined to see every child thrive.

As you will see as you explore the pages of our website, we believe in enabling all of our students to aspire to be the very best in everything they do - not only in academics, athletics, and fine arts, but also in outdoor and service learning, leadership development, learning pastoral skills through mentors, and in the development of character.

By encouraging ambition and commitment in so many areas, we believe every student can find their talents and discover their own pathway to genuine, meaningful, life-long success.

The desire to fully equip our students to live meaningful lives beyond school springs directly from our Christian heritage. This heritage means that tolerance and diversity is part of our DNA and that we have the desire to make a positive difference to our world.

It means that we intentionally weave important, future skills into our teaching programs - skills such as problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution; as well as those skills associated with our core values of “Love God, Love Others, Speak Life, and Pray Powerful Prayers” such as biblical literacy, empathy, compassion, concern for justice, and servant-leadership. These facets are intentionally enacted throughout academics, co-curricular programs, leadership, outreach, and spiritual development as a part of LCA life.

All of this is driven by our very simple philosophy of teaching, learning, and pastoral care in a Christ-centered community with a biblical context; we are unapologetic about the emphasis placed on Faith.

We believe that the four cornerstones of success are happiness, security, self-worth, and fulfillment. At LCA, we value these four traits as highly as effort or academic rigor as, when these four cornerstones are in place, students achieve, often spectacularly. Achievement breeds even greater happiness, security, self-worth, and fulfillment; so the pattern continues. Our teaching and pastoral care center on those things that ensure the growth of these four cornerstones; on collaboration and mutual support, on helping every student develop the desire to have-a-go, on the students' well-being, and most importantly, on seeing the value in every individual student.

The result is that LCA students often don't even realize how much progress they have made and that they find school to be very enjoyable.

Judging by our alumni (amongst whom we can count individuals pastoring churches, practicing law, serving our country in the armed forces, serving the community as medical practitioners, and others excelling on the PGA tour), this exceptional achievement continues into adult life. However, we are as proud of our current students representing LCA at the highest levels in numerous disciplines, forums, and in leadership roles.

We welcome you to Life Christian Academy - a happy, secure, exceptional, and fun school!

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