Why LCA? » Academic


Academics are top priority. We believe in our students and equip them to rise to their potential. With solid mastery of core subjects and analytical skills, they consistently exceed national averages on standardized assessments and accelerated study. Our comprehensive college-planning process begins early and maximizes our graduates’ opportunities for scholarships and admission to their colleges of choice.

Our diverse curriculum reflects the benchmarks of selective universities. Life Christian Academy's Math & Science Institute provides every student with best practice instruction and hands-on experiences with professional equipment and technology. Key partnerships and integrated programs offer unique experiences such as: writing and publishing a novel, shadowing medical professionals, learning Chinese, and participating in university field studies.

LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone)
We believe every student can succeed. Our award-winning LIFE program comes alongside those learn differently or have unique conditions to stay on pace. Offered since 1995, this program has empowered students with hope, confidence, and success in all aspects of their lives.

“I am always over-prepared for the next year of school. LCA is setting me up for success.” – LCA Student