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Laptop Tablet Program

Laptop Tablet Program
LCA’s one-to-one single device program features the Lenovo Yoga. This program advances LCA’s educational mission by enhancing our students’ experience of discovery, connection, and collaboration in new and exciting ways. Our student’s benefit from a curriculum designed to effectively use technology to transform student learning, ability to communicate and collaborate while fostering digital citizenship.
New devices will be distributed to grade 7 and 10 students following engagement in an information session and the completion of the student user agreements at the ‘Back to school BBQ’. Students unable to attend the ‘Back to school BBQ’ will be able to collect their device at the end of the day on the first day of school.
Why does LCA have a single device program?
Among the many reasons to have a single device program, we are excited about the following:
  • Enhancing student engagement and learning in the classroom through curriculum designed to use technology
  • Fostering digital citizenship related to the appropriate use of technology
  • Embracing our digital learners
  • Preparing students for success in college and careers
  • Ensuring a consistent learning experience
  • Offering a program with the best device based on educational research
What items are required daily for the 1:1 Program?
  • A Lenovo Yoga as specified and provided by the school with pen
  • A Protective Case that encloses the device
  • To be fully charged each day
  • An individually purchased spills and breaks warranty on the device (optional)
How is the device insured?
  • There is no cost for technical support.
  • The device is covered by a 3 year warranty against defects and battery deterioration.
  • The computer is insured against accidental loss and accidental damage. Accidental is determined by the ‘was it foreseeable by a reasonable person’ test.
  • Repair and replacement costs that are the result of intentional acts, negligence, or misuse are at the cost of the parents, as are losses through negligence.
  • Spills are considered to be avoidable and are damage coming from misuse.
  • The first accidental damage claim will have no deductible; however subsequent claims will have a deductible of $150. A claim constitutes a physical repair or replacement over the life of the laptop program.
  • All replacement claims from a lost device will have a deductible of $150, regardless of whether deemed accidental or not. A device is considered lost after 7 days. At this point, LCA will purchase a new device. If found after 7 days, the found device is to be returned to LCA and the deductible or full replacement will not be returned. 
How do students get their textbooks?
Your textbook fee covers etext access to students for some courses. Access will be granted by their teachers during the first week of school, where available. Traditional textbooks will be also used in classes as applicable.
Why the Lenovo Yoga?
The Lenovo Yoga Tablet has important capabilities that enhance our student’s education. They include:
  • Digital inking and handwriting recognition for writing, highlighting and annotating
  • Ability to work with MS Office 365 to support student learning
  • Flexibility to be a tablet and a computer, which gives it more capabilities in one product
  • Rigid keyboard for enhanced communication
  • MS ink capabilities especially for Math, Music, Art and Science classes or notetaking
  • High processing capability in a light weight device
  • Ports to extend the monitor, USB and Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse connectivity.
How do students use the Lenovo Yoga?
  • For homework (flipped classroom model)
  • Presentations
  • Communications
  • Collaboration
  • Research
  • Note-taking
  • Access to curriculum specific tools such as Sibelius for Music students, drawing and graphics software
  • Connections with devices such as graphics calculators
  • Classroom interaction
  • E-textbooks where appropriately available
Does certain software need to be installed on the Lenovo Yoga? What software do I need to install?
All necessary software will be pre-loaded and installed onto the device. Updates will also be provided as a matter of routine when connected to the school network. Students will be unable to install software onto the device due to copyright laws given the device is owned by LCA and falls under educational entity copyright provisions.
Many families will want to have the option to print at home. This will be a matter of you installing the necessary print drivers and connecting to the printer.
Is there financial aid available to help with this program?
We will provide financial assistance for the tuition component of the school fee package and not levies. This would fall under the levy portion of fees and therefore will not be covered under tuition assistance.
What are the costs of this program?
The device cost is $625 per year for 3 years. This is a lease that incorporates the lease fee, insurance, software licensing. The traditional tech support fee of $150 has been removed for students in the cohorts with laptops and replaced with a $250 fee that caters for onsite support, and infrastructure upgrades directly related to the program. As the lease arrangements are per year, should a student start the year and leave LCA mid-way through, they will be required to pay the annual lease fee of $625.
The only other costs are home office set-up, additional peripherals such as a cordless mouse and a required carry case that fully encloses the device.
Who can I reach out to with questions about the Lenovo Yoga Tablet Program?
For questions regarding the Lenovo Yoga Tablet Program, please email Director of Educational Technology, Mrs Dyan Schambier or see the tech Help Desk.