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Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Students at Life Christian Academy
Hybrid Program students benefit from taking classes both on the physical campus and through our LCA Online Program. Hybrid students participate in campus life, including: chapel, athletics, activities, and advisory programs to experience the full offerings of being enrolled at Life Christian Academy. In addition, Hybrid students taking LCA Online courses have more control over when and where they learn each day. Students gain valuable experience in learning online, helping them prepare for their future in higher education and the modern workplace. Hybrid learning at Life Christian Academy provides students with a college-preparatory, rigorous curriculum with all of the elements of LCA that make our school the special community it is.

Becoming a Hybrid Student
Students interested in participating in the Hybrid Program apply through our regular admissions process. Throughout the admissions process, students and families learn more about the opportunity to participate in this customized scheduling approach. Upon Life Christian Academy acceptance, and Hybrid Program approval, families then work with our administrators to select up to 60% of their courses through the LCA Online Program. During the COVID-19 season, some students could be 100% online if they choose.

Hybrid Student Life
Hybrid students can participate in any Life Christian Academy arts, athletics, academics, and activities. In addition, they gain the support of the LCA Online faculty and administrative team, both virtually and on campus. Included in tuition, Hybrid students also receive 25 hours per semester of tutoring in the Learning Center to support academic growth. Students are required to participate in chapel, advisory, assemblies, and class meetings to engage in the culture of Life Christian Academy as LCA Eagles. The Hybrid campus experience provides an opportunity for enrichment and extension with accredited college courses that supplement the AP (Advanced Placement) program.

College Credit/Dual Credit Offerings
LCA has established partnerships with a number of accredited universities and colleges to offer dual credit course offerings. Upon successful completion of these courses, students will receive high school and college credits. The cost of these courses are determined by the university or college and may vary for each subject. The LCA Dean of Academic Guidance will assist with admission into these courses for students who meet the entrance requirements (3.75 GPA or higher). For most dual credit classes, it is the responsibility of the family to pay the admissions costs and course specific fees. Upon successful completion of the course, LCA will reimburse 50% of the dual credit subject specific tuition.

Dual credit students will have a mentor staff member assigned to assist them successfully navigate their college level course and any complexities that come from dual enrollment. Students will also have a designated area at LCA to work on these courses during the school day, if necessary.