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Mrs. Warmbier 5th Grade

Welcome to the Warmbier fifth grade teacher page. Here you will be able to access our weekly newsletter and see any announcements. 
First for a little background I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Concordia University and a Master's in Teaching from the University of Southern California. My husband and I have lived in Portland, St. Louis, and Frankfurt Germany. We have a son and a baby girl on the way at the end of September. 
I also want to introduce you to Mrs. Cooley. Brittany will be (taking over) while I am on maternity leave. Brittany is finishing at Master's Degree at Liberty University. Together with Mr. Gentile we have decided the best way to make sure your child receives a first class education is that Brittany will start the year observing and learning the rhythm of the classroom. As we get closer to my maternity leave she will be integrated more and more in the daily teaching. This way the transition between teachers will be seamless as she will already know the students and the curriculum. I will come back in during conferences and during the first quarter grades to ensure the high quality you have come to expect from our school. After Christmas I will be returning to the classroom and finishing out the year with your students.