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Serving at the Singing Christmas Tree

Another fabulous service opportunity just arose!
There are 6 more performances at the singing Christmas tree and we are in need of some people to serve.
We are looking for Greeters, and Ushers. Each performance will fill 2.5-3 hours of your service time.
It's quick, convenient, and you get to watch the performance when you are not actively serving!
You must let me know by the end of the day on Wednesday if you would like to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.
The final performances are:
Weds. Dec. 19 7PM
Thurs Dec 20 7 PM
Fri Dec 21
Sat Dec 22 3 PM
Sat Dec 22 7PM
Sun Dec 23 3PM
Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the performance starts!

Holiday Basket Blessings

Freshmen who are planning to Serve Life Center and bless area families need to report to the Commons this Saturday, December 15th at 8:30 AM.  Be sure to bring an adult, as you will need transportation for basket deliveries.

If this Saturday doesn't work, there is an upcoming Serve 253 on January 19th. You will have an opportunity to work with Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, a local furniture bank, opportunities here on campus, and more local area non-profits.
Freshmen: Be sure to have your service project approved by Mrs. Schambier before you serve.
Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors: Be sure to have your service project approved by Mrs. Buselmeier before you serve.
There will be one more Serve 253 in April This could be a convenient way for upperclassmen to get their service projects done!

The Book Fair will be here October 15-20!

Do you have an hour to volunteer and earn some PEP hours?
Email me and I'll get you on the schedule!

I wasn't expecting that...

By Friday, October 5th, Please tell me one thing that you found disappointing about your YouScience aptitudes. Something that you thought you were good at, but YouScience rated you lower than you were expecting. Make sure it is in a complete paragraph.

Well That Surprised Me!

By Friday, September 28th, Please tell me one positive thing that you found surprising about your YouScience Aptitudes. Something that YouScience rated you as good at that you weren't expecting. Make sure it is in a complete (1-3-1) paragraph.


By Friday, September 21, Let's Read! 

If you have headphones or earbuds, please bring them to class this week.

 I would like you to read anything at all that interests you on myON digital reader. You must log 30 ONLINE minutes in a book by Friday. 

I will give you access on Tuesday if you've never used myON before. 

You will find your Username and Password on your homework page for this assignment. You do not need to record anything for this week's homework. I will pull your reading data electronically. Happy Reading!

Read your syllabus!

Due: Friday, August 31

By Friday, August 31: Read your entire syllabus packet. Tell your parents one thing you know about our Electronic Usage Policy (pgs 34+26)and explain in your own words what Academic Integrity is (pg 34). (You can text them the definition if you want;)

Be sure to return your signed syllabus by Friday! I have treats for early returners!

I just want the signature page. The rest is for your reference.