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Corporate Sponsorship at LCA

Coffee or lunch? 
Let's schedule time to chat about how LCA can help promote your
business or employer!

Do you like coffee meetings or lunch at Espresso Yourself (or one of the other great Tacoma restaurants)? Me too! I invite you to take a moment to consider joining me for some time together.
As the 2018-19 school year comes to a close, we are already looking forward to the 2019-20 school year. As a private school, we are blessed with the opportunity to partner with businesses and organizations in our community. By joining together, we provide more opportunity for youth in our area to receive a college prep education and be supported by a community based on Christian values. Our desire is that, in return, we provide a platform for our partners to share who they are in our community.
I invite you to coffee, lunch, or even a walk down on Ruston to talk more about how sponsorship at Life Christian Academy can provide your company with a presence at LCA. We are excited to offer additional sponsorship opportunities next year, and I hope you will consider your company or organization! If the decision is not yours alone, pass this email along and set up coffee or lunch with me, you, and whomever on your team can make the decision to support college prep education.
Learn more about corporate sponsorship by clicking here, and don't forget to click the button below to schedule coffee to chat sponsorship, LCA, or connect about life!
Looking forward to catching up,
Tauna Shoemaker
Director of Admissions and Advancement