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A Word From Our Head of School

At Life Christian Academy we continuously strive to help each of our students excel to reach their highest potential where they will learn and thrive in a Christian environment.

As you learn more about our school you will see that we believe in equipping all of our students with the confidence to aspire to do the very best in everything that they do. From academics, athletics, and fine arts, to service and outreach, leadership development, and character development, we work each day to help each student achieve their greatest potential.  

By encouraging ambition and commitment in so many areas, we believe every student can find their talents and discover their own pathway to genuine, meaningful, life-long success.  

The desire to fully equip our students to live meaningful lives beyond school comes directly from our Christian heritage. This heritage means that students are loved and cared for and a partnership with parents is also fostered with a desire to make a positive difference to our community, and ultimately, the world.  

This means that we intentionally weave important, future skills into our teaching programs - skills such as problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution. These skills, along with those that are associated with our Core Values, “Love God, Love Others, Speak Life, and Pray Powerful Prayers” such as empathy, compassion, lifting up others, concern for justice, and servant-leadership.

Ideal graduates are passionate learners empowered through skills and knowledge, who love Christ and others, who solve problems with integrity, and who strive to pursue their God-directed purpose.

We value success, happiness, security, self-worth, and fulfillment as highly as effort or academic rigor. Accordingly, students achieve, often spectacularly, and with that achievement even greater happiness, security, self-worth, and fulfillment is created. This pattern will continue throughout life. Our teaching and pastoral care centers around those things that ensure growth while seeing the value in every individual student. The result is that Life Christian Academy students often don't even realize how much progress they are actually making and, as our results show, they do make exceptional strides. Ultimately, students find school enjoyable, challenging, and feel loved by their teachers.

Judging by our alumni, amongst whom we find individuals in the medical field, leading churches and businesses, and successful athletes (one of which recently won the PGA tour) we find that this exceptional achievement continues into adult life. However, we are just as proud of our current students representing our school at the highest levels in numerous arenas including disciplines, forums and various leadership roles.  

We thank you for your interest in Life Christian Academy, a school of exceptional, happy, and confident students.

Gus Martin