Why LCA? » Why LCA?

Why LCA?

Life Christian Academy has a studious and happy culture where there is widespread respect and care for one another. We also have a willingness to support the ethos of the school in every way.

Our students are happy to:
  • Serve their community
  • To commit themselves to high standards of presentation, conduct, and effort
  • Commit to maintaining an environment where all people are valued and respected

We are not a selective school academically, but rather are unapologetic about being highly selective behaviorally. We seek to enroll students who are willing to try hard to succeed and who show genuine character. Students must have a willingness to contribute to the life of the school. As a school with the Core Values of Love God, Love Others, Speak Life, and Pray Powerful Prayers, we strive to maintain a student body that glorifies these characteristics.

As a Christian school, we recognize that people come from many backgrounds seeking an education rooted in the Christian foundation. Life Christian Academy is committed to not being exclusive to those who are of the Christian faith, but we require that all students and families recognize that we are a Christian school. At LCA we ask that families join our community with respect and participation in our community of love.

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