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Learning Is For Everyone (LIFE) Program


The students in the LIFE program learn in nontraditional ways. Instruction is developed around each student’s learning profile. Student progress is measured in relation to individual goals set in skill areas. Student progress is formally assessed four times a year. As goals are achieved, new ones are identified.

The LIFE program is designed to teach children within a multi-age classroom, featuring a low student to teacher ratio. While embracing the Christian environment, learning specialists teach each child the skills he/she needs to become a successful student. Instructional methods used are based on latest research in related fields.

Because each student in the program exhibits a variety of strengths and deficits manifested in unique learning patterns, instruction is primarily individualized. The Life Christian Academy curriculum is taught within the LIFE Program. Subjects are integrated in the program with the primary goal of teaching basic reading, writing, and math skills. Specific learning objectives are written for each student.

Students are mainstreamed into traditional classrooms on the basis of their ability to demonstrate basic grade level skills and their ability to use compensatory methods independently.

Margaret Haskins, with extensive years of experience and specialized training in learning disability education, directs this exciting and effective program. We offer small class size, and the development of an individualized program for your student with academic challenges.

The Elementary LIFE program is designed for the atypical learner. Its purpose is to provide instruction that will allow the student to transition into a traditional classroom. Instruction in the LIFE program focuses on the development of an individualized plan that builds skills through remediation. It is also designed to develop independence in a traditional classroom by teaching methods and negotiating appropriate accommodations. Skills are taught in language arts (reading, writing, language, and spelling), math, social sciences, (health, science, history, and geography) and study skills. Classes in Bible, character building, art, music, and physical education are also included. Students are taught the LCA curriculum through one-on-one and small group instruction.

Students are mainstreamed into the traditional classrooms on the basis of their ability to demonstrate basic grade level skills and their ability to use compensatory methods independently. Debbie Anderson, who has had specialized training in learning disability education teaches this program.

The Upper School LIFE program, taught by Margaret Haskins and Jinny Lerew, offers classes in academic areas of English and math through geometry in high school. Classes are small and a variety of methods are used to teach the regular curriculum of Life Christian Academy. Students are expected to learn the same concepts taught in the traditional classes. Middle and high school students also learn compensatory methods of study and to advocate for the accommodations necessary for them to succeed academically.

Students are expected to meet the graduate requirements of Life Christian Academy using the accommodations allowed in most colleges in the United States. As students reach their junior year, they enroll in traditional classes with the support of the LIFE program only when needed.

Students in the LIFE program are active in their churches, student government, fine arts, and sports. All are encouraged to pursue their talents while striving to meet academic challenges. The goal of the LIFE program is to educate students who do not learn through traditional methods, but who desire to attain academic goals and enroll in college. Students who have previously graduated from the program have attended various colleges and post high school programs.



Admission to the LIFE program begins with the procedures for enrollment to Life Christian Academy. Please refer to our Admissions pages to begin.


The LIFE program is designed for students with learning disabilities. Each candidate will be screened to help determine the type of support the child needs. The student will need to be able to demonstrate cognitive ability based on the result of the screening.


For a student to be considered for admission in the LIFE program, the following steps must be completed in order:

Complete admission forms with $300 enrollment deposit
($200 regular enrollment deposit, plus $100 LIFE Student Evaluation Screening fee)

Provide documentation of student’s learning and medical disabilities

Attend a student and parent interview with the program coordinator and the teacher of the program

Complete Student Evaluation Screening

Attend parent orientation



Students currently enrolled at Life Christian Academy may also become part of the LIFE program. A teacher may recommend a student or parents may request a Screening Evaluation. The above procedures for admission are followed.

*This program is in no way affiliated or related with the Shanti L.I.F.E. Program®