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What will LCA’s Hybrid Program look like next year?
LCA’s Hybrid Program is looking forward to a more permanent placement in the LCA landscape. Starting in the Fall of 2021, Hybrid or eLearning will be available to Grade 7-12 students who are already enrolled at LCA. The Daily Hybrid program is designed for the mature student, who because of extracurricular activities, cannot attend class on a typical student schedule for an extended period of time. Students will be expected to watch classes and complete homework independently, reaching out to their teachers when they need help. The Hybrid Program also has an option for students needing to go out of town for a short time due to sports, vacations, or other commitments, this option is called Short Term eLearning. Finally, we will also be streaming select classes for students who are sick and need to stay home, with parent approval, this is called Emergency eLearning.

Who can participate in LCA’s Hybrid Program?

The various Hybrid and eLearning options have different requirements for participation.

Students interested in the Daily Hybrid program will need to apply here, with our first round of applications due August 1. To be considered, students will need to have a 3.0 GPA, no D's or F's on their last report card, and submit an application stating their reason for requesting to join the program. Students are expected to continue achieving the required GPA or will be at risk of being removed from the program. Daily Hybrid applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.
Any student whose family, work, or extracurricular activities require them to leave town are invited to join our Short Term eLearning option. This option is designed for a singular set of time when a student is not able to join us on our physical campus. When the activity is finished, students are expected to rejoin our full time, in person learning. Parents will need to fill out this form to notify the school of a student’s intent to join the Short Term eLearning option. We request that parents notify the school at least 72 hours in advance to allow for teacher preparation.
Emergency eLearning is for students that find themselves unwell or unable to come to school for a single day. Parents are required to contact the school, thereby labeling the Emergency eLearning day as excused. If a student has more than three unexcused eLearning days in a month, families will be asked that they return to full-time, in-person learning.
What is expected of LCA’s Hybrid Learners?

Daily Hybrid Learners will be held to our highest standard of achievement. They will need to
demonstrate their maturity by maintaining their 3.0 GPA and work independently as classes will be streamed only once a day. Students who are unable to maintain this standard will be asked to return to full time, in person learning.

Short Term eLearners are expected to continue to attend classes and complete all classroom work while enrolled in this program. Once finished, students are expected to rejoin their in person learning schedule.

Emergency eLearners are expected to complete as much classwork as they are able. We understand there are situations where students may be too sick to watch classes or complete classwork. If this is the case, please notify the Eagle's Office that your child will NOT be Emergency eLearning, they will simply be home sick. The Eagle's Office must be notified of all absences as per our Attendance Policy. If your child engages in more than three unexcused Emergency eLearning days in a month, your school level principal will reach out to see what better ways we can support your family. Emergency eLearning is to be used for emergencies only.

How do I apply for LCA’s Hybrid Program?

To apply for Daily Hybrid or Short Term eLearning, please complete this form. For Emergency eLearning, please contact the Eagle's Office at 253.756.2190.

Will classes be streamed in the same way?

For the 2021-22 school year, we are changing the way we stream classes to better support
teachers in the classrooms. Teachers will only be streaming one section of each subject, with each subject having a single Microsoft Teams session, instead of being separated out by the class period. The schedule is posted here, for each grade level, that specifies the time each subject will be streamed. Depending on your placement, your child should be able to watch a full day of live classes, though it will likely be a different timetable from your child's current in-person schedule. We are making this move to help teachers be able to better prepare lessons and communicate with all learners.
*LIFE Program students will be considered on a case by case basis. Co-teaching classes are not included in the Hybrid Program.