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Educational Philosophy

Philosophy of Education
The philosophy of education at Life Christian Academy equips our PreK through 12th grade students with a Biblical worldview as they develop and build a solid foundation for their futures. Our strong and challenging curriculum and instruction presents students with developmentally appropriate content and skills in mathematics and science, language arts, social studies, world languages, Biblical studies, fine and performing arts, and wellness. This comprehensive system is intentionally designed for effective college preparation and life leadership skills.

Life Christian Academy is dedicated to supporting our teachers in their use of instructional strategies identified as best practices through quality research. Since each student has been uniquely created with strengths and talents, Life Christian Academy provides individual attention in small class settings. This structure helps each student grow as a learner with clear academic goals. These goals address:

  • Thinking analytically to solve problems
  • Communicating ideas effectively with both spoken and written word
  • Applying and synthesizing information
  • Developing personal learning strategies
  • Building capacity for creativity and innovation
  • Working cooperatively with others
  • Productive citizenship

Our philosophy is rooted in genuine love, care, and concern for each student and family. This includes a commitment to communicating the learning progress of each student by utilizing a variety of assessments. Our culture is one within which students can develop their passion for achievement and learn to capitalize on the strengths of their learning styles. The collaborative nature of our learning community facilitates an appreciation for the diversity in learning.

Ultimately, we believe quality Christian education provides a graduate the opportunity to change the world for the greater good and the skills with which to realize this change. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and have it abundantly” [John 10:10]. Our purpose at Life Christian Academy is to help each student live for the Kingdom.