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High School Teachers

Mr. Bishop: Algebra 3/4, Geometry, & AP Calculus
Mrs. Buselmeier: World History
Mrs. Claudio: French, Public Speaking, Reading for Pleasure, & Yearbook
Mr. Comfort: American History, Civics, & AP European History
Mr. DeMass: Freedom in Christ & Gospels and Paul
Mr. Friedland: LIFE Program
Mrs. Fulcer: Spanish
Ms. Grantier: Geometry & Personal Finance
Mrs. Graupensperger: Composition/Literature, Expository Writing/American Literature, ELL
Mrs. Kosylo: Algebra 1/2 & Geometry
Mr. Lawyer: Drumline, One Sound, & One Voice
Mr. Madlena: Apologetics/Christian Ethics, US History, & AP US History
Mr. McBeath: Algebra 3/4 with Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus
Mr. Moon: Biology, Nutrition, & Conditioning/Weight Training
Mrs. Perez: LIFE Program
Mrs. Rogers: College Writing/British Literature, Comp/Lit, & AP Literature & Composition
Mrs. Schambier: Librarian & Tech for Success
Mrs. Warmbier: eLearning, Personal Finance, & Washington State History
Mr. Wieman: Chemistry, Environmental Science, & Physics