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Annual Eagle Fund FAQ's

What is the Eagle Fund? 

The Eagle Fund is a collaborative community endeavor aimed at bolstering Life Christian Academy's annual operating budget. This annual fund serves as a cornerstone of support, enabling us to enrich the academic experience for our students and empower our dedicated faculty.

Why should I give to the Eagle Fund? 
Your contribution provides vital support to both individuals and programs that elevate Life Christian Academy. Your generosity uplifts dedicated educators, fosters intimate class settings, advances technological resources, preserves the school's historical legacy, and encompasses a multitude of other valuable enhancements. In addition, donating to the Eagle Fund: 

  • Nurtures an indispensable Christian education, fortifying both our city and region. 
  • Inspires educators to cultivate a culture of personalized learning within their students. 
  • Fosters the growth of student and faculty leaders who leave a lasting imprint on their community and the global stage. 

What does my gift to the Eagle Fund support? 
Your contribution to LCA transforms aspirations into tangible achievements, bridges the divide between tuition and operational needs, unlocks a diverse array of opportunities within programs and curricula, and cultivates a sense of community that forges meaningful connections. 

If tuition income doesn’t cover expenses, why doesn’t Life Christian just raise rates to cover costs? 
Our dedication lies in delivering an outstanding education to our families while upholding affordability, crucial for nurturing the close-knit and diverse community that defines Life Christian Academy as a family. A contribution to our Eagle Fund offers tax deductibility, a distinct advantage over tuition. Furthermore, your Eagle Fund donation could potentially be matched by your employer, effectively doubling your impactful support.  

When should I give to the Eagle Fund? 
We welcome contributions to the Eagle Fund throughout the year, with a particular emphasis on annual commitments during the months of November and December. 

What is the difference between a gift and a pledge? 
A gift represents your direct donation to the school, eligible for a tax deduction in the year of its receipt. On the other hand, a pledge denotes your formal commitment to contribute a specific amount before June 30. 

What if I don’t want to make a gift until the new year? 
Pledge by December 31, but pay later. You’ll have until June 30 to fulfill your pledge. 

Can I give stock? 
Donations in the form of stocks are gladly accepted. 

What about gift matching? 
Simply adhere to the matching gift instructions provided by your employer. Numerous companies extend matching gift programs to amplify the impact of charitable contributions from their staff members.  

How much am I expected to give to the Eagle Fund?  
While we aspire for you to prioritize Life Christian Academy in your charitable endeavors to uphold the Lord's work within our community, the determination of a suitable contribution lies solely with you. Regardless of the sum you choose, we appreciate your generosity.  

Ways to Give: 
Life Christian Academy 
Attn: Development Office 
1717 South Union Ave. 
Tacoma, WA 98405