Annual Fund » FAQ


What is the Annual Eagle Fund?

The Eagle Fund is a community effort to support Life Christian Academy’s operating budget each fiscal year.


Why should I give to the Annual Fund?

Your gift supports the individuals and programs that enhance Life Christian Academy. Your gift blesses exceptional teachers, encourages small class sizes, enhances technology, promotes school history tradition, and so much more. In addition, donating to the Annual Eagle Fund:


  • supports an invaluable Christian education that strengthens our city and region
  • encourages teachers to promote a love well culture for their students
  • helps develop student and faculty leaders who impact their community and the world
  • enhances our family atmosphere and encourages philanthropy in our community
  • elevates the reputation of our beloved Life Christian Academy
What does my gift to the Eagle Fund support?
Your Gift:
  • allows for dreams to become realities
  • overcomes the gap between tuition and the operating budget
  • provides a variety of opportunity in programs and curriculum
  • builds community that creates connections
  • gives our students, faculty, staff, and LCA families a sense of being a part of something greater than just a school – they are a part of a family


If tuition income doesn’t cover expenses, why doesn’t Life Christian just raise rates to cover costs?
We are committed to providing an exceptional education to our families at a level of affordability that maintains the small, increasingly diverse community that makes Life Christian Academy a family. A gift to our Annual Fund is tax deductible, whereas tuition is not. In addition, an Annual Fund gift may qualify for a matching gift from your employer, which may allow you to double or even triple your support.


When should I give to the Annual Fund?

Anytime! While we accept gifts to the Eagle Fund year-round, our focus on annual commitment is November-December.


What is the difference between a gift and a pledge?

A gift is your immediate donation to the school and will be considered a tax deduction for the year it is received. A pledge is your formal promise to pay a certain amount before June 30.


What if I don’t want to make a gift until the new year?
That’s easy. Pledge by December 31, but pay later. You’ll have until June 30 to fulfill your pledge.


Can I give stock?
Absolutely! Call Tauna Shoemaker at 253.756.2424 to learn how.


What about gift matching?
Just follow your employer’s matching gift instructions. Many companies offer matching gift programs to supplement charitable giving among their employees. For more information on how you can learn about your company's matching opportunity, contact Tauna Shoemaker at 253.756.2424. 


How much am I expected to give to the LCA Eagle Fund? 
While we hope you make Life Christian Academy a charitable priority to support the Lords work in our community, only you can decide on the amount that’s right for you. Whatever your gift amount, we are grateful.


How do I contribute to the Annual Fund?
Giving is quick and easy at You may also call Tauna Shoemaker at 253.756.2424 to make your gift by phone or mail a check to the attention of Tauna Shoemaker at Life Christian Academy, 1717 S. Union Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98405.


Is my gift tax deductible?
Life Christian Academy is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and your gift is likely to be fully tax deductible. Check with your tax adviser or contact Tauna Shoemaker at 253.756.2424 for further information. If you have made a gift and are looking for the LCA EIN number, all tax deductible contributions can be filed using 91-0579229.