LCA Cheer Wins Nationals!

Over the past few days I was privileged to be with the Cheer team as they journeyed the ‘ups and downs’ of competing at a top level – the 30th National Christian Cheerleading Championships.

Upon arriving at the championships, it was obvious that this was not any ordinary cheer competition. Additionally, the standard was exceptional as you would expect with any sport at this level. To give you an indication of the quality and specialty of this event, many of the teams do not cheer for their school teams, rather just compete and leave the cheering to the lesser groups. Our team does both!

Just days before the competition, while practicing a stunt, one of the girls ended up elbowing Seth in the mouth. The end result was nasty cut in Haley’s elbow and Seth losing a tooth and needing 4 stitches to fix his lip. This clearly shook the team, especially those in that formation. As a team, they united, ‘shook it off,’ and went out and performed admirably. For me, this was a highlight.

To even compete at this level, there is an incredible amount of work that takes place beforehand by the cheer team and coaches. I want to acknowledge Becke Rogers for not just her quality instruction and coaching, but her Christian leadership and discipleship of the team. We had a spirit filled team shining amongst their competitors initiating spontaneous worship and singing. Many of the team also had to fundraise vigorously to raise the money to compete and represent LCA – it has been a long journey.

The team was even featured in a video story at the awards ceremony. Additionally, the video story will be seen by over 10,000 people nationwide, allowing us the opportunity to promote Jesus on a level we did not see coming. 

While the team didn’t take away the overall award as Grand Champion, we were all elated when LCA was announced as the National Champions in the “Non-Tumbling Varsity Co-Ed” division. I was even more excited to hear that one of our team members also accepted Jesus at this event providing another ‘win,’ this time with eternal dividends.

Please congratulate Becke and the team is you see them around.