Short Term eLearning

If your child is feeling a little under the weather, has extracurricular activities, family vacations, or your family needs to quarantine, please consider using our short term eLearning option. This option requires that a parent email or call the Eagle's Office, 253.756.5317 for Elementary students or 253.756.2190 for Upper School students, on the specified day to inform the school that their child will be eLearning. Administration will inform the teachers and students will then log onto their Microsoft Teams account to access their classes. 
If your family likes the idea of having their students learn some days at home and some on campus on a regular basis, we ask that you sign up for our Hybrid or eLearning option. In order to change a placement, all it requires is for you to fill out this form on our website. This form will automatically generate communication with Administration regarding your change. Please allow 24 hours for processing.