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Student Parking Application

LCA students who drive to school are required to complete a Student Parking Application. Please review the rules below and complete and submit this form. 

Rules Governing Students Driving to School

  • Student's vehicles are to be parked in the designated student parking area only – in the parking lot opposite the west entrance to the Commons.
  • Students are not allowed to transport other students to any LCA activity immediately following the regular school day.
  • Students may not eat lunch in cars and are not allowed into the parking lot, or to their car,  during the school day without permission from the Eagles Office or administrative personnel.
  • Driving on campus is a privilege that can be revoked at any time by the principal. Reckless driving on campus, or on the access streets, could result in the loss of driving privileges on campus. When on campus, or in the vicinity of the school, radios/stereos must not be audible beyond the confines of your automobile. Students may not have paint, stickers, or décor on their vehicles that does not reflect the Christian values of LCA and creates a distraction for students.

I have read the Rules Governing Students Driving to School and agree to abide by them.

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