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2023-24 LCA Transportation Commitment

This agreement is between the Life Christian Academy Transportation Office and the family listed below. This is a commitment to follow all guidelines and directions for bus use.

• Bus service is provided for LCA students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 only.

• Once students have been dropped off at their designated bus stop, they are no longer the responsibility of Life Christian Academy. Please have someone at the stop to pick up your child or they will be returned to LCA for an additional charge.

• Bus drivers must leave the stop five minutes after the designated pickup/drop-off times.

• LCA transportation fees will be billed to your FACTS statement September - May.

• If you would like to discontinue bus service at any time, please notify the Business Office at 253.756.5317.

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Life Christian Academy Transportation Consent Form

Our family will be utilizing the Life Christian Academy bus transportation service, provided by Life Christian Academy, and agrees to all policies for our child/children. My child/children has/have my permission to utilize the Life Christian Academy Bus Transportation Service. The undersigned hereby warrants and agrees that they shall hold harmless Life Christian Academy and Life Center Church, its employees and designees, regarding any circumstance, tort, injury, or other action or activity which may occur in any form during the student’s or participant’s activity regarding the above authorized action. 

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