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Hybrid/eLearning Program 2021-22

Thank you for applying for the LCA Hybrid/eLearning Program. Below are brief descriptions of the Hybrid and eLearning options we will be offering for the 2021-22 school year.

Daily Hybrid
Students will have regularly scheduled eLearning days and times. Example: a student who has a job may asynchronously learn for periods 4 and 5 or a student may have transportation issues and can only get to the LCA campus three days per week. Students who live out of state will be in this category. If you are signing up for the Daily Hybrid Program, please fill out this additional form.

Short Term eLearning
These are students who are going on vacation or attending training camps and will be gone for a specified, one time experience. Example: a student is gone for two weeks for a tournament.

Emergency eLearning
This option is for students who are sick or have emergency situations. A family member will need to call the Eagle's Office to excuse the absence. No phone call will result in an unexcused absense. You can reach the Upper School Receptionist at 253.756.2190.

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