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Life Christian Academy Notice of Withdrawal

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The submission of this form will formally withdraw your child from Life Christian Academy in accordance to our continuous enrollment agreement. The continuous enrollment agreement shall renew automatically for each successive academic school year until the student's graduation from Life Christian Academy, unless this agreement is terminated by the child's parent or guardian on or before February 28 of the current school year for the following academic school year. This agreement may also be terminated by the school. By withdrawing your child, and terminating our continuous enrollment agreement, the parent or guardian hereby understands and agrees that your child will not be returning to Life Christian Academy for the following school year. Families who withdraw after the February 28 deadline will be charged tuition on a pro-rated basis, along with a withdrawal fee as outlined below. In addition, if a child withdraws mid-year and does not return all items belonging to Life Christian Academy, including, but not limited to, textbooks, library books, technology, athletic uniforms, etc., the family will be billed for the replacement value of items not returned. Please note, families are responsible for the full year's fee for the laptop program. Any eligible refund will be deducted from tuition or incidental fees owed to the school, after the withdrawal fee is collected. Consideration may be given to unique withdrawal circumstances following a written request to the Head of School. Student records will be released after financial obligation are paid in full, as follows:

1. Withdrawal prior to February 28 for the coming year: Family will be released from contract.

2. Withdrawal March 1 to May 31 for the coming year: Family responsible for 20% of annual tuition.

3. Withdrawal – June 1 & prior to first day of school: Family responsible for 3 months tuition – June, July and August. No refunds will be made.

4. Withdrawal on or after first day of school to end of Semester 1 for the current year: Family responsible for 50% of annual tuition, plus full year’s fee for laptop and any incidental charges, less any pro-rated Tuition Assistance or other discount.

5. Withdrawal from the current year anytime within Semester 2: Family responsible for 100% of annual tuition, plus any incidental charges, less any pro-rated Tuition Assistance or other discount.

This withdrawal fee is a genuine pre-estimate by Life Christian Academy of the loss that it would suffer if the required notice were not provided. Please note: All LCA registration fees are non-refundable. Withdrawal fees will be added to the FACTS financial account and refunds will be calculated only on the amount of tuition actually paid. Scholarships and Tuition Assistance are not considered part of tuition that has been paid. All refunds will be issued to the person paying on the account. In the case of various sources of payment, a refund agreement form needs to be submitted to the LCA Business Office to process the refund.

Preschool and PreK Families wishing to withdraw from our Early Childhood program must notify the school one month in advance or they will be responsible for the following month’s tuition. Mid-month withdrawals will be responsible for the full month tuition and fees. 

If you have any questions, please see our Financial Policies or contact the school.

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