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PEP Hours

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The Life Christian Academy PEP program (Partnering, Educating, Participating) is for parents of children in grades Kindergarten through 12. This program helps to offset the daily costs of running a school and keeps tuition increases to a minimum.

Participants – Each family is responsible for 18 hours of service per school year. Any service hours not completed by the end of April will be billed on your May statement at the rate of $10.00 per hour. Extended family members (grandparents, etc.) may complete volunteer hours for the family. Hours may not be donated from one family to another.

Record Keeping – Your hours must be submitted through this online form or to the school office using our printed form. Please keep a copy of the record you submit to the office for your files. 

Volunteer Opportunities – There are many ways to volunteer at LCA.

Some of the opportunities are:

• Attend Chapel
• Classroom Volunteer
• Lunch or Recess Supervision 
• Office Volunteer
• Chaperoning Field Trips & Retreats 
• Athletic Events (Ticket Sales & Scorekeeping)
• Eagle's Nest Volunteer
• Back to School Nights 
• Christmas & Spring Concerts 
• Graduation Activities 
• Bowling Nights
• Skate Nights 
• Annual Fund 
• Dreams Auction 
• Golf Tournament 
• Alumni Events
• Baking for Events 

Hours served during Life Center Church activities do not qualify for Life Christian Academy PEP hours.

Special circumstances will be given consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school level administrator.